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W-E: The Making of a Musical

For the latest news, photo and video material on the making of a musical — “West Meets East” (produced by Seabreeze Productions, Inc.) — you can sign up for our official Facebook updates at and join the journey!

On June 19th 2000, an unlikely yet destined musical bond was formed when a young Russian/Georgian singer met an older African American NY musician. This is the story of their humorous life-altering meetings.

“W-E” is a true story that was inspired by Tinatin Japaridze’s much-anticipated memoir, Beyond Borders, currently in the works alongside Chuck Taylor, a renowned author and journalist, former Sr. Correspondent for Billboard Magazine. The upcoming memoir is a fascinating story of a girl’s journey through the Iron Curtain when the Great American Songbook was a forbidden fruit…to all but one Soviet child with an all-American dream.

W-E is a tale of how different ages and cultures can come together to make beautiful music. As told through the comic, informative and life-changing encounters of Tinatin Japaridze and Mr. Graphenreed and Tinatin’s ongoing pen pal relationship with Academy Award-winning musician Dave Grusin. Truly a story of West meets East.

“There are many stories about following ones dreams.  What makes W-E different is the life that it explores and openly shares with the audience.   W-E is fresh and inspiring, full of intriguing adventures and difficult choices made by a teenager.   The story reveals a few left turns in life.  What emerges is a young woman determined to capture the life once dreamed of by a young girl.

The lyrics and music are heartfelt, sung with emotions that are true to the core.  The banter between the lead characters, a Broadway veteran and his young protegee from Georgia by way Russia, then England and finally America, is fun and thought provoking.  I believe that audiences will relate to W-E and take a moment to examine the story of their own lives.  I think people will be inspired to take charge of their destiny and make a change if necessary to re-capture their dream.  It is never too late.” — Donna Lynn Burns, Co-Producer

West Meets East — The Musical

West Meets East - The Musical

What an amazing summer… The dream of “W-E” is finally coming true after 2 years of heavy duty writing, rehearsing, more writing, more rehearsing and most importantly previewing for the very first time at NYC’s legendary Triad Theater on July 2nd, 2012. What an amazing evening that was! And to think that it’s only the beginning…

Our team has launched a Facebook page at for latest news, photo and video teasers, rehearsal exclusives and much more, so make sure you join the journey…

2013 should be an interesting year for us. While between now and Dec 2012, Timothy and I are reworking some of the songs, polishing the book and concentrating on readings and extensive rehearsals with our immediate team (director Leslie Dockery, stage manager Gwen Gilliam, producers Mr. TG himself, J David Moore, Donna Lynn Burns, Hattie & Eddie Jenkins), next year should be all about the staged readings, university and regional theater workshops, more live performances with my American muse, Mr. Graphenreed… All towards our big off Broadway premiere. So cannot wait, to say the least.

And meanwhile, of course, FINALLY nearing the completion of the memoir that has long been in the works and a full-length album (details TBC, very exciting!) to accompany the book like a good old traditional soundtrack… Definitely never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

Watch this space for the latest bits and pieces — and Timothy & I will be sure to post a video or two very soon during one of our upcoming rehearsals. It will be fun but also a little on the crazy side (unless our director and stage manager are there, and then we’ll have to behave :)) so don’t miss it!

For now, though, sweet dreams from New York, New York — the city that never sleeps. Indeed.

Going Home: Tbilisi or Moscow?

Going home is something that always makes me feel extremely nostalgic for the good old times. By no means am I not happy here and now – in fact, I’ve never felt so comfortable and cozy, creatively inspired and lively in years, but at the same time, I still miss my home, am still very much aware of my roots but at times feel a bit unsure about the term “home” … Does it apply to Tbilisi or Moscow? Both have been extremely important in shaping my personality, my dreams and my drive. But could I possibly pick just one city out of the two drastically different places, both of which I still refer to as my “hometown”? I suppose this summer I’ll be able to answer this question (or not) at least partially. Moscow in June and Tbilisi in July/ August (not all the way through, of course, as I’ll be rehearsing, working on the book, etc. in NYC) – I simply cannot wait. Home(s), sweet home(s).

When It Rains, It Pours (Positively Speaking)

They say when it rains, it pours. And this certainly applies to one’s workload, too. What a ride it’s been over the past few months. Seems like all the ideas and projects in the making have swiftly turned into gradually approaching deadlines… and of course I love it. While there are many projects I’m in the process of finalizing, if I had to pick one that occupies the majority of my time (stage show, book, new record, “Wild” single/video promo work, etc.) I wouldn’t know where to start… The beauty of it lies in overall synchronicity and the fact that every aspect of my career – now more than ever before – falls under the same category: music. What a joy. I only wish I had more hours in the day to savor it all, one step at a time. To everyone who’s stuck by me through it all, I couldn’t be more thankful. Truly.

Welcome to My Post-Soviet Web-Home!

While this isn’t my first website to date, I have to admit it’s taken me absolute ages to commit to one for good. First, there was my debut official website at the age of 16 when most Russian and post-Soviet kids (or even grown-ups in that part of the world) rarely had a presence of any sort in the worldwide web. Thanks to my first manager, Yegor Shishkovsky, a big radio personality back home though broadcasting from the UK, I launched my website still in my teens with my very own … guestbook! Remember guestbook? Gosh, it was so long ago, I feel very, very old just thinking about it! But now, finally, a few websites and many more career moves in between, I’m so thrilled that I’ve got a brand new “home” on the web where I can introduce some of my newest songs, videos, photos, news and blog posts… you name it, I’ll make sure you get it – so stay tuned!

Where the “Wild” Things Are

It was a wild time this week in South Beach, Miami, as singer/songwriter Tinatin, her music producer Ayhan Sahin and videographer/film producer Chris Holmes lensed a music video for Tinatin’s remix of “Wild,” the title track from her recently released EP. Along for the ride were a bevy of hot beach boys the team picked up along the way. More >


Tinatin’s six-cut EP “Wild” is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. All songs are written by Tinatin and Ayhan Sahin, and arranged/produced by Sahin. The release comes from Young Pals Records. More >



As catastrophic events continue to impact the very ground we walk on, from the devastating combination of earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and Haiti to the potential ravages of climate change, Earth Day is a more urgent call to arms than ever. This year, the 41st annual cause, designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for our natural environment, culminates on April 22, with education, public policy and consumer campaigns in more than 175 nations.

If music is the universal language, then perhaps there is no better way to spread the message than song. Singer/songwriter Tinatin grew up in the Soviet Republic of Georgia-hit by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in 2009-while collaborator and co-songwriter/producer Ayhan Sahin worked for a decade as a civil engineer in his native Turkey-witnessing hell on earth as an equally hard-hitting earthquake devastated the nation’s northwestern region in 1999, near the metropolis of Istanbul.

Today, both New York-based musicians have banded to record Tinatin’s debut EP, “Wild” on Young Pals Music. It’s no coincidence that the six-song collection is timed for release on April 19, the eve of Earth Day. Its title track offers a socially conscious anthem about the consequences of climate change, as a rash of alarming trends sweep the land: “temperatures plummeting to 12 below at the equator, a dry spell across South America’s tropical rain forests and fire along the Polar ice caps.” 

The song also includes a nod to Al Gore’s “Alliance for Climate Protection,” in the lyric, “Al sends regards, he said he is going out of his mind/The sun is shining in the middle of a quiet Carthage night,” referring to his Tennessee hometown. In hand, 10% of the song’s proceeds from iTunes will be donated to Gore’s foundation.

In addition, the force field of cacophonous percussion and insistent beats in “Wild” were such an inspiration for Tinatin and Sahin that he remixed the title track into a frenetic dance floor paean. This version, included on the EP, will be released to DJs/clubs in June. Videoclips for both were lensed by Christopher Holmes/ Holmeswood Features.

With all songs on the EP written by Tinatin and Sahin, and arranged/produced by Sahin, the disc includes a posse of name-brand live musicians, including acclaimed Aussie Garth Ploog on piano, classical guitarist Emre Yilmaz, Mike Stanzilis on bass, drummer Mike Sorrentino, Elyssa Samsel on violins and Dennis DelGaudio on electric and acoustic guitars.

Other highlights include the tender, regretful “Fly,” which tells of a lamenting lover whose partner has been untrue, defiantly offering no second chances. “When you come back, I’ll be out of your life, say goodbye,” Tinatin sings. Similarly, the midtempo “Said and Done” gracefully acknowledges when it’s time to turn the page and begin a new chapter; while “If You Ever” is a lovely lilting ballad that assures a helping hand: “If you lose your ground, if you come undone/If I held you in my arms, you would feel the love inside.”

Aside from this first physical CD release, Tinatin has seen her career burgeon since planting roots in the U.S. Debut single “We the Peoples,” based on the United Nations Charter, earned her kudos as one of Billboard magazine’s 2008 “Artists To Watch,” while composition “Connected” was a finalist in the Pop category of the John Lennon Song Contest. “Is It True,” written by Tinatin with Óskar Páll Sveinsson and acclaimed producer Christopher Neil, was first runner-up at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. The entry was subsequently hailed as the pageant’s Song of the Decade.

Tinatin rehearsing with Alan Bergman

Tinatin rehearsing with Academy Award-winning lyricist, Alan Bergman and legendary pianist Mike Renzi

Tinatin on Nickelodeon

Tinatin live on Nickelodeon Channel